A Good Start to a Week in Madikwe, South Africa

We returned to Madikwe, South Africa, last week after 3 spots opened up a few months ago on the *always* sold-out week there. This time, we flew 8 hours Chicago to Zurich and had a 10 hour layover there. We showered and had a nice lunch at the lounge before taking the train into the city, seeing the sights (including awesome big chess pieces, as me about Beth’s idea for introduction into the USA), and going to a movie (Bohemian Rhapsody, ask me what I thought of the movie?). Late flight to Johannesburg (10 hours), 11 am arrival, then a 2 hour drive in a rental car on the wrong side of the road to Rustenburg for the night. Next morning, a 3 hour drive to Nkurru Lodge in Madikwe. We made it!

Each day, we go out for a game drive at about 5:00am, then come back by about 9:00am for breakfast. We relax in the lodge until another game drive at 4:00pm until about 7-7:30-ish. Dinner at 8:00pm, and nights are usually not late, as the next day has us up again by 4:30am. Game drives are early and late because that is when animals are active. Mornings are in the 60s and daytime can be in the 90s.

Every day brings a new and different look from the day before. The first day, instead of planes, trains and automobiles, we get elephants and cheetah and rhino. The second day, we get lions and giraffe and buffalo. Below is a quick look at some of our sights from the first two days here in Madikwe.

P.S.  Please make comments on the photos, so I get a feel for what people like to see (and to let me know someone is reading this!)


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    1. Thanks Ken. The photos from this entry are either from Dawn’s camera or my camera. Dawn has a Canon 7D Mark 2 with a 100-400mm lens with stabilizer. I am using a Canon 5D full frame camera with 300mm fixed lens. We also carry a 75-250mm lens that I often swap to when things are close, Most of those pictures are from Dawn’s camera and most of the video still to be posted is from my camera or occasionally video from my cell phone!

  1. Hi Kevin, great blog! Thanks for your efforts, sounds like an amazing trip! Hi to Dawn!! – Liz and Stan too, on our honeymoon

  2. The photos are amazing! I feel like I’m in the inner circle with the elephants and acting as a voyeur with the cheetah! You want to turn your head but you can’t. I look forward to more of the travel log. the days sound exhausting and and awesome. Keep having fun

  3. Stunning photography! No need to bring the meat curing recipe home – would hate to see that on your deck next summer. Thanks for sharing!

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