Just another evening and morning in Africa … Leopard at night, Lion roaring in the morning

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (our last night and last day), we had some special sightings ….

We went looking for a leopard a couple of times Monday and Tuesday and didn’t have much luck, so Tuesday night at 7:45pm, we were back to the lodge resolved to miss a leopard sighting.  We looked out at the water  and there it was …. a leopard drinking water! The video, taken by D, compliments the great pictures taken by Beth. Video and pictures at night are not easy, good job Beth and D.

At 4:45am the next morning, I was up and having coffee and heard what I thought was a lion roar. It was! Just after 5:00am, this majestic male lion walked out of the bush, sniffed a tree, lifted his tail, took a pee, then walked to the water and drank for one minute. He then roared for 30 seconds. He walked back to the tree, sniffed it, peed again, then walked off. The uncut (3 min 10 sec video below, shot by D) IS AFRICA!

(Leopard photos by Beth Uphoff)


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