Madikwe Video – The Final Cut

On the last day of our safari at Madikwe, South Africa, I put together a video compilation of pictures, video clips and group pictures.  Last week, I replaced some of the duplicate photos with better ones from Beth, Dawn, Edee and Gayle. Here is the final result, I hope you enjoy the 11 minutes!


Once you’ve watched that, here is the OUT-TAKES – mostly all of us laughing at elephant penis’.

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  1. Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays (as they say in the USA).
    I’ve just watched ‘The Final Cut’, and it’s fantastic. I’m Just blown away by it all and how really well put together. As the song says Kevin – never get old. I’m just so pleased you invited me to sign up to the blog. There may be a small chance that I’ll visit Africa next year but it depends on a number of things.
    It was so lovely to see you both and meet Edde and Gayle. Whenever you’re in London you are always welcome to stay.
    All the best to you and Dawn for 2018 and keep on exploring and inviting me to join your travels. Lots of love Sue xxx

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