Ode to the Female Lion (post #9)

I have asked people on safari with me about what their favorite animal is.  The most common answer is the male lion. With his big mane, he’s majestic, photogenic and regal. But I want to give a shout out to the female lion (lioness) and nominate her as my favorite (at least for this trip). Most times I see the male lion, he’s asleep. The lioness likes her naps as well, but she’s the hunter for the pride; more often than not, she makes the kill then the males eat first, followed by the cubs and the females. We saw a few lion chases and a kill and they were always by the lioness.

On the second to last day, we started the day with a male lion. But we notice he’s limping and also has a bloody tail. It appears he got into a scuffle with a lioness in the morning and got the worst of the fight. We run across a female on the hunt of warthogs (unsuccessful), a breakfast feast by the pride on a lion kill of a wildebeest a few hours before, then lionesses in the water!  Who said cats don’t like water. Jim could watch the elephants all day, I could watch the lionesses and their cubs all day (if they didn’t sleep most of the time).

Here are pictures and video of my favorite from this trip .. the lioness!


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