We stop for sundowner drinks, with narration!


Every day, we have two game drives. The first is about 5:30am-9:30am, and the second is about 4:30pm-7:45pm. These are scheduled in order to maximize the amount of animals we see, as most predators are sleeping or inactive due to the heat of the day. One the afternoon game drive, we always stop for “Sundowners” (or as we say in America, “happy hour”) at around 6:15pm. It allows us to stretch our legs, “check the tires” (i.e. have a “bush bathroom break”), and just hang out and enjoy the beautiful sunset scene we are in.

Monday, we had a special guest on the trip, Ireland’s own Thomas O’Vanloon. Thomas is an Adjunct Professor in the Zoology program at the University of Dublin. He’s world-renowned and a fountain of information, and we were lucky enough to have him volunteer to narrate the short video. Here it is…..

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