Africa – At the Water Holes

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
In Madikwe, South Africa, water is the key for survival of everything. The animals rely on “water holes”(especially during the dry season). These are pools of water (ponds, reservoir etc) where animals can drink (and elephants can bathe!) Some of the most interesting sightings of the trip were at the water holes, and conveniently there was one outside Nkurru Lodge, where we were staying. So you could pour yourself a beer or wine and sit on the patio and see what come by to drinKk
The water holes are not without danger … the prey are always looking around for predictors who might interrupt their drink!
Here are some pictures and videos taken of animals at the water holes.
I only have a couple more blog entries to post, but they are good ones ….. lots of lion activity and also a leopard!

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  1. As if your adventures couldn’t become more amazing! Your trip has an unbelievable quality to it overwhelming Beauty and and its natural surroundings. Sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving. Keep having fun

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